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Good marketing can transform your business

Marketing simply means telling people about your business. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Without knowing what you’re doing, you can even do more harm than good.

Even many ‘marketing professionals’ don’t properly understand it and charge way too much for way too little.

But I’ve been involved in digital marketing for nearly two decades, so I know what works - and what doesn’t. I can apply this knowledge to your business and your customers, so your reach grows and you bring in more customers, drive traffic to your website, and boost your profits and profile.

I help you in three distinct ways:

Email marketing

If you don’t use email marketing, or you don’t do it effectively, then you’re leaving money on the table. Email is a direct line into your customer’s mind. When it’s done properly, you build a relationship that inspires loyalty and repeat buying.

I’ll help you build an opted-in email list of people from your target market. Then I’ll develop well-designed e-shots that look good in any format – desktop or mobile - and stand out in a crowded inbox.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Your website must first be found by your customers before it can work its magic: That's what SEO is all about. A listing on the first page on Google (which is still the most used search engine) increases visitor numbers which means more enquiries and more sales.

SEO is complex, constantly changing and potentially overwhelming. And depending on your niche, competition for the top pages in Google can be fierce. Thankfully, I’ve been dealing with SEO almost as long as Google’s existed, so I know how to get your site up the rankings and keep it there.

There are no guarantees in SEO (despite what others may tell you) but I’ll give you an excellent chance of rising to the top of relevant listings for your area, so you leapfrog your competition and get seen by the right people.

I will always work on the so-called "organic" side of SEO first – this means the optimisation of the website itself. The other side of SEO entails pay-for services such as Google's Adwords ("pay-per-click" advertising) where you pay a third party for directing visitors to you. This option does not suit every business and I will advise you on all aspects of it.

Social media marketing

Most firms – even big ones – are bad at social media marketing. Posts are dull and uninspiring and many accounts are just a sounding board for unhappy customers.

But good social media marketing is a springboard for your brand and business, through content that connects with your target market and encourages positive interaction.

I’ll help you identify what you need to say and the right channels to reach your audience. I’ll also devise social media content pillars, which are ideas and themes that showcase your brand and let people know what you stand for and how you can help them.

Exactly how I help with your marketing depends on you and what you need to achieve in your business. So, the first step is to chat through your requirements.

Let’s talk about how to power up your marketing:

Your marketing helps to:

  • Save you time
    Put your email and social marketing on autopilot with automation and scheduling
  • Get more website hits
    More visitors = more enquiries and sales
  • Attract the right kind of customers
    Get your message out and start conversations

"...if you are looking for a marketing solution then you can’t go wrong with Dina."

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