A strong brand means a strong business

Disney, Nike, Innocent, Cadbury, Apple, and Coca-Cola are all examples of successful firms built on strong brand identity.

But the importance of branding is often overlooked, especially by small companies.

That’s a costly mistake, as your brand tells people who you are and what you stand for. A strong brand makes you stand out in your sector and inspires staff and customer loyalty.

But a muddled or weak brand confuses your customers and hits your sales. It makes you instantly forgettable and leaves you trailing in your competitors’ wake, no matter how good your product or service.

So, if it’s unclear what’s special and different about your business – then your brand needs a revamp.

I’ll help build your brand in two ways:

Brand Design

I’m a designer so, of course, part of your brand revamp will be visual. I’ll create a striking brand logo that captures the ethos of your business and what you do. It will be simple, memorable, distinct and clear.

I can also design business cards, compliment slips and letterheads, as well as marketing material such as brochures, leaflets, large-scale banners and outdoor signage. In addition, I can develop eye-catching adverts for magazines and newspapers.

Brand Strategy

My brand strategy service will ensure you have a distinct and consistent style and message. I'll take you through a step-by-step process to help you get clarity on your target customers, and to identify your key messaging and what sets you apart from your competitors. At the end of this collaborative process you'll have a powerful brand identity that attracts and excites your customers.

I’ll challenge you when necessary and make you think about the core of what you do and what your business means to customers. That may not always be comfortable, but the result will be a brand that stands out and inspires people to buy from you.

And I’ll show you how to extend your brand across everything you do – from your website, to your emails, and your social posts.

With my help, you’ll have a brand that’s recognised for all the right reasons and makes your business special and different.

Your branding will help to:

  • Make you stand out
    Customers will see you're different from the rest
  • Connect with new customers
    Your branding attracts the right kind of customers
  • Give you confidence in your marketing
    With a brand to be proud of it's so much easier to go out and shout about your business

"Excellent service and incredibly quick too! Listened to our ideas and turned them into amazing eye-catching flyers. Couldn't recommend Pipmeister high enough. I won't use anyone else."

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