Hello and welcome.

I help business owners like you to connect with customers, sell more and save time. With smart web design and marketing, I can grow your business, too.

Stressing over your website and marketing will be a thing of the past, and you can fully focus on the things you enjoy in your business.

But first, there's a few things I'd like you to know about me:

I’m well qualified in what I do. After a PR role at one of Europe’s finest art museums, I completed a degree in web design and multimedia studies. I then moved to London from my home in Germany to take a job with Investis – a major global web agency. I led teams on big web design projects for multinational clients, including Adidas, Hugo Boss, BP, Standard Life Insurance, Balfour Beatty, Prudential and Deutsche Post.

It was a tough role, working for clients with high and exacting standards. These websites needed to look amazing and be user-friendly. It taught me so much about how to fuse design and user experience to create a website that draws people in and turns visitors into customers. I also learnt how to drive business success through effective ecommerce, marketing and branding.

But, just like you, I always wanted to be my own boss – and have the freedom to work and help people on my terms. I finally took the plunge in 2008, when I founded Pipmeister Designs, with a vision to bring top-level web design skills to the small business owner.

Since then, I’ve helped drive many businesses forward. With two decades of design experience behind me, I spend my days transforming websites and increasing reach.

What you can expect

You’ll be working with me, that is, no go-between account manager or virtual assistant, just myself. Clients tell me they love how accessible and supportive I am.

You'll find that I'm very easy to work with. I'm a collaborative kind of person so will always listen to and value your ideas, feedback and suggestions. And I've got oodles of positive energy and enthusiasm. Anything is possible in my books. Essentially, all you need to know right now is that I’ve got your back.

I’m based in beautiful mid-Wales, working with small businesses in Mid Wales and across the whole UK.

Would you like my help? Then let’s talk: –

or email hello@pipmeister.co.uk and tell me what you need

In brief:

  • I learnt my trade creating websites for major clients such as BP, Adidas and Hugo Boss
  • I bring these skills to the small business world, to create a powerful and effective website for you at an affordable price
  • I’m based in mid-Wales and help business owners across the UK

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